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How to Help Your Child Develop Into a Leader

How to Help Your Child Develop Into a Leader
All children have the potential to become leaders. The key lies in exposing them to challenging situations which help them grow into confident individuals. Today, Simply Kids explores various steps parents can take to instill leadership skills in their children.
Enroll Them in Team Activities
Working in a team environment makes a child deal with numerous variables simultaneously, such as handling individual responsibilities and working together as a unit to achieve goals. This will help develop the crucial skill of teamwork that all leaders need. Activities to consider include sports, dance clubs, and more.
Teach Them to Communicate with Confidence
The hallmark of good leaders is the ability to communicate with confidence. Push your child to take the initiative to speak for themselves, this can include answering questions in public, and placing their orders at restaurants. While these seem simple acts, for kids these serve as key hurdles to overcome for building confidence.
Help Them Overcome Failure
Children need to be taught to view failure as an important step toward success rather than its polar opposite. For instance, if they fail a math test, motivate them to study harder and ace the next one, rather than dwelling on their performance. Combating failure with effort and confidence is a key leadership skill to develop, according to Calgary’s Child.
Develop Decision-Making Skills
Allowing kids to make decisions independently will help them learn how to weigh the pros and cons of actions they take. For example, rather than buying a toy for your child, ask them to purchase it using their allowance. The prospect of spending their own money will make them reflect on their actions and make an informed decision.
Encourage a Growth Mindset
As reported by, individuals with a growth mindset believe that they can overcome challenges by investing time into learning, working hard, and taking help from others. An effective way to model this behavior in your child is to lead by example.
For instance, if you are struggling professionally, choose to improve your skills by pursuing a master’s degree. While your child may not understand the intricacies of a job or the benefits that come with an advanced degree, they’ll observe your desire to be better and develop the same behavior over time. Also, as they watch you navigate work, family life and school, they’ll understand that reaching goals requires determination.
As a parent, you have the opportunity to help your child develop leadership skills. Leadership is not a skill that is innate, it must be learned and practiced. Leadership development starts with parents who model positive behaviors and provide opportunities for their children to lead in safe and meaningful ways.
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