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Our Mission

We have a simple yet important goal...

Simply Kids was born in 2015. We have a simple yet important goal in mind when it comes to creating our unique range - to provide children with safe & comfortable protective gear that keeps them at their happiest, shielding them from injuries and pain during sports and day-to-day activities.

Due to our prime location, based in Taiwan, we are surrounded by exclusive materials needed to create our range of children protective gear. We are CPSIA compliant and complimented on the unique materials and the highly efficient structure of our pads - like no other product available on the market.

Why We Started

There is no greater joy for a family...

There is no greater joy for a family than when a child starts to crawl, starts to walk or progresses to bikes, boards, and scooters. Watching them develop and learn is a milestone in any parents life, but keeping them safe is something that never leaves a parentss mind. Owners and operators of Simply Kids, know that feeling all too well - and that is why they have personally taken on the challenge to protect babies and children in an uninhibited way, allowing them to continue to explore, grow, learn, move and experience, yet, still have the added benefit of protection against scratches, cuts, injuries or bruises when they fall or bump themselves as they learn to balance on their own.

Our Innovation
Our Insistence

Children no longer want to wear hard plastic pads, they restrict movement, they restrict fun. Instead, we have created ergonomic pads, made with neoprene, so they can have just as much fun as if they weren not wearing any protective gear. Our 1st Gen range covers the elbows and knees, but if your child needs that added protection we have created the 2nd Gen which also includes shin pads to soften just about any tumble or trip.

Our exclusive combination of materials makes our pads easy to wear, convenient to remove and allows parents to wash them, once they need it. Simply Kids is focused on keeping your child safe, secure and cozy - no matter what activity they are trying out. Your peace of mind is our priority. Your childs safety is our business.

Reasons to shop with us


Revolutionary 3-Layer design to
absorb the impact of sudden falls


Skin-friendly and lightweight
neoprene for cozy wearing


Our pads won't impede your kids movement so that kids can enjoy more!