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Why Crawling Is So Good For The Baby?

Why Crawling Is So Good For The Baby?

As children crawl, the keep on making more and more neuron connections where each connection is a problem solved! More practice makes them proficient crawlers and thus it becomes an automated activity.

Apart from being a crucial stepping stone to walking and other related milestones, crawling has been widely researched and it has been found that it is of utmost importance for a healthy baby. Here are a few pointers on why it is very good for the baby and with more and more kids skipping crawling, what they are missing out on:

Physical benefits

Physically speaking, crawling can make motor skills better — both gross and fine. It can develop overall strength, balance and also make the hand and eye coordination quite good. The posture becomes defined and later when the walking stage comes, the child learns quicker. These skills are helpful in adulthood too — the same skills help in ball games, running and writing and jumping.

Mental skills

Crawling helps a child mentally too! The activity of crawling assists the two sides of the brain to interact with each other. This result in coordination of the two sides, in turn, helping many other daily life activities the baby would be doing later in life. Crawling also promotes risk taking, boosts the confidence and also helps the child understand concept of success and failure.

Visual development

While crawling a child learns the idea of distance between objects and understands concepts of far and near. The understanding of how to reach the object, adjusting eyesight to that object and then finally reaching them develops eyesight and judgment.

Spatial benefits

Problem solving skills are also put to use while crawling! How much distance to cover in lowest time and grab the toy, but there is the dog who’s sleeping in the way and one might get thirsty suddenly, or hurt. Obstacle crossing, speed management and avoiding difficult pathways can be some basic problem solving skills they develop.

Apart from this, there are more benefits which are relevant to the baby’s psychology and social skills. You need not help; the baby will be able to commute to you if he needs you.

They get a lot more freedom too, in order to explore new things and this sparks their creativity and curiosity as well. The observation of surroundings while moving increases the optic flow as well, igniting in the child the sense of direction in order to get back to where he started from. A lot of decision making, focus on the goal and intense emotions define their actions while they are crawling — it is indeed an important skill and a very defining milestone to achieve.

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