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[1st Gen.] Innovative Soft Kids Elbow and Knee Pads with Bike Gloves (Pink Snowflakes)

$39.95 $28.95


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  • WHAT DO YOU GET - Simply Kids brings you a variety of protective gear to ensure your child’s safety. We’ll be providing you with a pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and bike gloves. Furthermore, we’ll equip your child with a mesh bag and adorable stickers to personalize their own set. 
  • HARDCORE STURDY DESIGN - We pulled no stops on the strength of our protective gear. They’re made using an innovative system taking advantage of 3 different layers of heavy-duty material. This will ensure all impact is absorbed before your child feels it. Our soft-pad technology ensures that all these won’t get in the way of your child’s range of motion while practicing.
  • YOUR CHILDREN WILL LOVE IT - Our gear isn’t only washable and scrape-proof. It’s also entirely breathable, and offers unparalleled flexibility. The make is skin-friendly, and ensures that your child will be comfortable while wearing it. The lightness of the materials we use ensures that your child will be able to wear our gear for hours without feeling a thing!
  • THEY'RE VERSATILE - You don’t need a different set of gear for every sport. The Simply Kids protective set will make your child safe from anything that could happen in a variety of sports including skateboarding, biking, skateboarding, and rollerblading. In fact, our pads set has passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Testing with flying colors. Speaking of which, our gear is offered in multiple, making it perfect for both boys and girls to use on a daily basis.