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Simply Kids Protective Gear Set

a solution which makes thousands of parents lives' easier

Have your kids ever fallen down
while he/she was playing?
Did he/she refuse to
wear clumsy plastic knee and elbow pads?
So you get worried every time when he's biking, rollerskating, skateboarding, even running....
Actually, there’s already a solution which makes thousands of parents lives easier

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kids skate pads knee pads elbow pads children


SAFER thanks to the revolutionary 3-Layer design, which includes 0.8 cm EVA and 2 x 0.6 cm neoprene to absorb impact. Soft-Pad design allows our pads to cover more skin area but still fit well.

kids skate pads knee pads elbow pads children


MORE COZY thanks to the skin-friendly and lightweight neoprene, usually used for wetsuit.

kids skate pads knee pads elbow pads children


PADS FLEXIBILITY increases the range of motion, so they do not impede your kids movement.


Leaving no one behind is the core value that Simply Kids stands for.

- Aaron, founder of Simply Kids


"Simply Kids has the cutest protective gear for littles!!!"

The fabric is soft and gentle for their skin, easy for your little to put on with distinct differences between knee pads + elbow pads, and so so so many patterns to choose from. 

- Britnightingale

"Perfect protective gears for your little one!"

Calvin is ready to ride! He’s doing pretty good on his balance bike. But until he fully learns how to stay upright this momma is grateful for his gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. And he doesn’t ride anywhere without his helmet. Gotta keep that cute noggin protected!

- Lifes.a.jess

"They come in the cutest prints!"

These 2 are ready to ride their scooters with their new knee and elbow pads. They come in the cutest prints. If you are getting your kiddos a bike, scooter, skates or anything that requires protective gear, I highly recommend checking out Simply Kids! 

- Brunette

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